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Here to help you choose the right Veterinary Gel, Veterinary Supplement Powder, and Veterinary Liquid Supplement.

About Us

Many veterinary products and supplements can be quite expensive. Therefore, researching well on what would work for your specific needs and then selecting a buyer that sells veterinary suppliers with good discounts can be your safest bet. There is no harm being cautious, especially when dealing with professionals who sell products like Veterinary Gel, Veterinary Liquid Supplement, Veterinary Supplement Powder, etc., online, as there are many scams out there targeting unsuspecting customers, livestock breeders and pet owners. We, Amend Laboratories, serve as a trustworthy third party manufacturer, exporter and supplier of veterinary feed supplements and nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements) so that you receive great deals and your pets receive the greatest care with our solutions. 

Why Us?

We do not want you to just assume that we are the best. We want you to go through the following points and realize why we are:

  • Products we deal in like Milk Enhancer Powder, Multi-Based Vitamins Iron Copper And Calcium Supplement, Under Growth Supplement, Oral Calcium Phosphorus Vitamins And Herbal Extract Gel, etc., are formulated employing the best of breed production methods under strict quality control. 
  • Our entire range is devoid of harmful chemicals that may have side-effects and potentially harm animals in the long run. 
  • Our unadulterated and safe product range is also offered in quality packaging to ensure long shelf-life and maximum product effectiveness.
  • If you compare prices of our products with others sold by competitors, you would find that we have the best product options for every budget.
  • We know that anyone purchasing veterinary feed supplements and nutraceuticals for their animals would be more comfortable using them if they are fully aware of what exactly is in the packages. Therefore, we provide all relevant product details on all packages.

Our Setup

We have built quite a robust setup and integrated it with advanced technology machines, equipment and tools so that we can meet needs of clients with high quality output. We have invested in various units related to product manufacture, quality evaluation, packaging, research and others. For executing functions across these units in a responsible way, we have appointed hardworking experts who are trained and qualified for every job. Banking on their efficiency, we deliver only the best grades of Veterinary Gel, Veterinary Liquid Supplement, Veterinary Supplement Powder, etc., at fair rates to buyers.
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